Who is LOZ?

LOZ brand is affiliated with LOZ Group (Germany) Co Ltd. It was first founded in 1998 German designers who aim to develop intelectual products to help users open their mind and improve the creative ability. LOZ is now one of the most famous building block brand in the world. The name of LOZ stems from the initials of “Learning”, “Originality” and “Zenith”, which also means “Learning of Zenith”.

Who is LOZLovers?

As the name says, we are Lovers of LOZ products! We are so passionate for the LOZ creations that we decide to bring this amazing brand to Latin America.
LOZLovers become the official and exclusive distributor of the brand LOZ in Latin America and one of the most important in North America, promoting the brand and serving international distributors by our distribution center in the International Trade Zone in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and also some strategic pickup points to assist local retailers and website customers.

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